INDIANAPOLIS — To Reverend David Greene, Sr. the collateral damage of the recent concentration of officer-involved shootings in Indianapolis is to the relationship between local police and city residents.

“The real harm of what’s going on right now is the potential erosion of trust, loss of trust, and in some cases, not able to get any trust,” said Greene.

Greene is the president of Concerned Clergy of Indianapolis who has called for the resignation of Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Chief Randal Taylor. One recent issue has been city violence, including officer-involved shootings.

Since Aug. 1, there have been 10 shootings in the city involving IMPD officers. For the year, there have been 14 people shot by IMPD officers, and of that number eight have been fatal shootings two of which were this week.

Chief Taylor said he is aware of the calls for him to step down but dismissed them.

“I have no intention of resigning my post. I think there’s still some good work to be done here,” said Chief Taylor.

The Chief also enjoys the full backing of Mayor Joe Hogsett, a spokesperson said to FOX59/CBS4 on Friday.

“Mayor Hogsett supports the Leadership of Chief Taylor, who worked with the mayor to introduce critical transparency and accountability measures.

Improvements to IMPD under Taylor include a new use of force policy and body-worn cameras. Dashboard cameras for squad cars are also being added.

As to why there has been an increase in officer involved shootings, Taylor says the department is looking for an outside consultant to review these cases to see if adjustments can be made to training or procedure.

But the Chief believes a factor in the shootings is a lack of compliance by the public to directions given by officers, “the common denominator most of the time has been that people refuse to go with orders that they’re given.”

Spokesperson for Mayor Joe Hogsett