INDIANAPOLIS – An Indianapolis man is sentenced to 38 years behind bars after being convicted of neglecting a 1-year-old child, resulting in the boy’s death.

The sentencing took place just over four years after the child died from injuries suffered at a home on the north side.

In February 2019, Dontrell Mcclung suffered a fatal skull fracture and died.

According to prosecutors, the boy’s mother and her boyfriend claimed the child hurt himself falling down the stairs at a home that was being rented as an Airbnb.

An autopsy determined the child had a compression fracture to the skull and bruises on his legs that had patterns from fingers and knuckles.

After the coroner determined the injuries were from abuse and not a fall, prosecutors charged Kira Fear and Tyree Resnover with neglect resulting in death.

A jury convicted Resnover of the crime in January, leading to his 38-year sentence.

Booking photo of Tyree Resnover

Before seeking help for the injured boy, prosecutors claim a search of Resnover’s phone revealed he had searched “what is a sign of a concussion for a baby.”

Despite the long wait for justice, cases like this can serve as a lesson for parents everywhere.

According to a recently released report by the Department of Child Services, in 2021 more than one child per week died from substantiated claims of abuse or neglect in Indiana.

“The numbers in Indiana for child deaths as a result of child abuse and neglect have gone up,” said Jeff Wittman with Prevent Child Abuse Indiana.

In fact, in 2021 60 kids died statewide as a direct result on caregiver maltreatment, resulting in 25 homicides.

Both numbers increased compared to 2020.

That’s why child abuse experts urge everyone to watch for warning signs of neglect and report those issues to the proper authorities.

“When we see something or have a concern a child is being neglected, it’s not our job to confront parents, but our job is to report it to the Department of Child Services,” said Wittman.

The criminal case against the child’s mother is still pending. She is set to go to trial later this month.