Indy man claims dispute over after-hours block party led to shooting of his east side home

Crime in Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis man narrowly avoided being hit by gunfire inside his east side home over the weekend.

The victim thinks a dispute over an after-hours club may be to blame.

Multiple home and business owners on Butler Avenue say they’ve complained for nearly a year about large parties that turn the street into a parking lot with hundreds of people every weekend.

One neighbor believes those complaints led someone to shoot at his home on Sunday.

“They definitely, absolutely shot right at me. There’s four bullet holes, right at me,” said Gary Armour.

The bullets only missed Armour because they hit a brand new, unwrapped stove instead.

“The bullet holes were directly at me. Nowhere else in the house,” said Armour.

“It’s a pretty eerie sight, seeing a 70-year-old man on the ground screaming, ‘They’re shooting at the house,’ to a dispatcher,” said Armour’s roommate, Chris Maffett.

Both Armour and Maffett insist the home was targeted because Armour has repeatedly called police to complain about large block parties hosted by an event center on an adjacent property.

“This house was targeted. No other homes on the street were shot,” said Maffett.

Dating back to last June, Armour snapped several still pictures showing cars crowding the street in front of his home.

Several nearby business owners share Armour’s frustration and gave us video of the crowd of cars Sunday morning. After zooming in, you can see what appears to be flashes of the gunshots fired at Armour’s home.

“I’m not the only one calling. Other people are calling, but they think if they kill me, they can run this forever,” said Armour.

The police report notes late-shift officers had three runs to the area on Sunday in reference to the loud party and shots fired but added it’s not clear if the victim was targeted.

IMPD says anyone with noise or traffic complaints can contact the non-emergency line, and officers can write tickets when appropriate.

Complaints about businesses can also be made to the Mayor’s Action Center, but officers on scene didn’t leave Armour optimistic that any of that would make a difference.

“The police pretty much told me to get a club shut down is very, very difficult,” said Armour.

No one was arrested for the shooting at Armour’s home. Anyone with information on this specific case can contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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