INDIANAPOLIS – A man is behind bars and accused of murder following a deadly shooting at a motel on Indy’s east side. The murder took place despite the suspect being on GPS monitoring from a previous violent crime.

A simple argument inside a room at the Motor 8 Inn near 38th and Shadeland led to the deadly shooting Wednesday afternoon.

Court records show at the time of the deadly shooting both the suspect and the victim had active warrants for their arrest. Some say that illustrates again how the court system failed to prevent violent crime, despite the best efforts of law enforcement.

“A life was lost and it’s undoubtable that was preventable had intervention occurred,” said Indy FOP President Rick Snyder.

The accused killer, Shane Patton, had been wanted on a warrant for more than three weeks before the shooting. Court records show Patton pleaded guilty to robbery in 2015. Over the next six years, he allegedly violated terms of his probation with Community Corrections nearly a dozen times. The most recent offense was on Jan. 3, 2022, when he allowed his GPS monitor to illegally shutdown.

“He has 100 percent responsibility, but by God, somebody has to say there’s some culpability on the system here,” said Snyder.

In May 2021, after repeatedly violating his probation, prosecutors charged Patton with unlawful possession of a firearm and possession of methamphetamine. As part of a plea deal, the weapons charges were dropped and Patton was allowed to remain on GPS monitoring. 

Court records show less than one week after that plea agreement, Patton violated his probation by tampering with or removing his GPS device. A warrant was issued and served, but Patton was eventually released again.

“That’s completely unacceptable and someone has to answer for that,” said Snyder.

Scott Hohl with Community Corrections sent the following written statement regarding Patton’s case.

The warrant was a result of a violation filed by Marion County Community Corrections.  Mr. Patton allowed his monitoring device to power down on 1/3/22 and a violation/request for an arrest warrant was done at that time.  Unfortunately, at that point, the case is out of Community Corrections hands.  Once the warrant is issued by the Court, it is to be served by law enforcement.  So I cannot speak on the amount of time it takes to serve a warrant, other than to say I understand the incredibly high volume of warrants in Marion County and law enforcement must balance serving warrants with their other numerous responsibilities.   I cannot speak for Probation or any violations he may have had while on Probation.   The decision to return an individual to jail or prison is made by the Courts.  Probation and Community Corrections can make recommendations, based on a history or severity of violations, but that is not a decision either control.  For Community Corrections, in this instance, as soon as Mr. Patton allowed his device to power down, a violation was filed and warrant requested and issued. 

In addition to Patton’s criminal past, the Motor 8 also has a troubling history of violence. Last year IMPD filed nearly 100 reports of serious crimes at the motel ranging from non-fatal shootings to robbery, rape and more.

“It’s just a very tough situation to deal with,” said IMPD Captain Joe Finch.

Captain Finch admits the owner of the motel has been cooperative with police by adding security and lighting, but preventing violence remains difficult.

“The challenge we have is it’s a continually revolving population center,” said Finch. “The best we can do is give it a little more visibility.”

After being interviewed by detectives, the suspect denied involvement in the shooting. He was booked into the Marion County jail without bond.