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INDIANAPOLIS – A home invasion turned deadly on Indy’s near northwest side when a homeowner killed an intruder early Friday morning, police said.

That homeowner spoke about the shooting and claimed the man he killed broke in through a side window just after 4 a.m. along West 34th Street.

Howard Murphy said he heard someone breaking into his home and came downstairs to confront the intruder.

“He took a video game system and threw it at me, and after that shots rang out,” said Murphy.

Murphy admitted he pulled the trigger, hitting the stranger, who then ran upstairs while holding a knife and died in a bedroom.

“I honestly didn’t even know if he had been shot because he was still moving around and running around,” said Murphy.

Unfortunately, the violence is nothing new to Howard. Police reports show it’s not the first time he had to use force to defend his property.

In November 2014, police were called to the same address after an intruder kicked in Howard’s door.

“He took a gamble thinking I wasn’t there, and I happened to be there,” said Murphy in 2014.

Speaking eight years ago, Howard described shooting that suspect in the leg. The wounded crook ran away before being caught and eventually convicted of breaking into Howard’s home.

“He reached for something. I don’t know if it was a sledge hammer, but he reached for something and was getting ready to strike me, and that’s when shots were fired,” said Murphy in 2014.

Howard was cleared of any wrong doing in 2014.

“I don’t go out looking for trouble. I mind my own business,” said Murphy on Friday.

After cooperating with police and being released from custody following the overnight killing, Howard hopes the shootings serve a lesson to any other would-be thieves.

“I hate that it happened. I hope these other guys learn a lesson from it. If not, there’s plenty of spots over in Crown Hill,” said Murphy. “I don’t want it to be like that, but just like the average worker, I work hard for what I’ve got. If you come and take it, there’s consequences behind that.”

Howard claimed his home had been broken into earlier this week, and thousands of dollars in electronics were stolen. He’s not sure if the man he killed overnight was involved.

The coroner’s office identified the man who died as 64-year-old Steve Sheppard Junior.