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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — An Indianapolis woman is claiming an arrest went way too far over the weekend.

Chanel Bates suffered injuries to her face and legs during her encounter with officers from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Her story has been shared on social media more than 1,000 times, and part of her arrest was caught on camera by a friend who was with her that morning.

New court documents share a different perspective of what happened on July 14.

Bates says she left a bar early Sunday morning with 2 friends and was sitting in her car when police approached them.

Then IMPD officers asked her and her friends to step out of the vehicle. Bates claims she was never given an explanation.

“I continue to ask the officer, ‘Can you explain to me why am I being interrogated, or why I’m being investigated? What’s going on?’ He still wouldn’t tell me anything,” Bates said.

According to the probable cause report, foot patrol officers approached the car because they smelled marijuana.

“I said, ‘Okay officer, I’m going to get out. But for your safety and my safety, I’m going to record this,'” Bates said.

She says that’s when officers took her phone and pulled her from the car onto the ground.

“Never once was I aggressive. Never once did I cuss you out. Never once did I reach for anything. Never once did I make you feel you were in danger or in harm’s way,” Bates said.

Court documents show Bates refused to get out of the car and grabbed the steering wheel. Because of this, an officer used a “pain compliance technique” and Bates let go.

The passengers in the car with her captured part of the arrest on video, but not the initial interaction with police.

According to court documents, chemical spray was used because Bates pulled her arms forward and back in a violent manner and refused to put her hands behind her back.

“Immediately, another officer comes up and start macing me in my face from the side. I’ve got an officer on my ankle, and I have an officer who has his foot in my head and banging my head on the concrete and sliding my face across the pavement,” Bates said.

The probable cause report says there were four suspected marijuana blunts in the car.

Bates was arrested for possession of marijuana and resisting arrest.

“It had four small roaches in the portable ashtray, and that’s my fault. I should’ve checked it,” Bates said.

IMPD can’t comment on Bates’s case because it’s an open investigation but says social media only shows part of the story.

“When you just have a slither of an incident, you just have that 30 seconds,” IMPD Officer Aaron Hamer said.

They are looking into the arrest by using the blue team system to make sure protocols were followed.

“If an officer has some use of force, he then completes the form. That form goes to the chain of command to the Sgt. or Lt. and so on. It ultimately reaches the chief to be able to review what actually took place on an incident,” Officer Hamer said.

“Even though this was done to me, I still love you. You get what I’m saying? I still love you. I can’t be like that. I still love you. They could’ve taken my life. I thought I was going to die, period,” Bates said.

Due to her arrest, a peaceful rally has been planned next week.

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