INDIANAPOLIS – A serial rapist who faces more than 50 counts related to multiple sexual assaults has agreed to a plea deal that would see him plead guilty to nine charges.

Darrell Goodlow, 38, is accused in a series of rapes involving eight victims over the span of more than a year on the east side of Indianapolis and in Lawrence. Investigators said Goodlow dressed as a service worker to gain access to his victims’ homes in some cases. He targeted older women and managed to elude police for more than a year.

A fingerprint discovered at one of the crime scenes led investigators to identify Goodlow as the suspect. Police arrested him in September 2021.

According to the plea agreement filed this week in Marion County, Goodlow will plead guilty to eight counts of rape and an additional count of killing of a domestic animal. All are felony charges.

After his arrest, prosecutors charged Goodlow with 57 counts, including rape, kidnapping, strangulation, criminal confinement, burglary, sexual battery and battery. Under the terms of the plea agreement, the other 48 counts will be dismissed.

The court accepted the agreement, which doesn’t outline a recommended sentence. Sentencing is scheduled for April 14. The agreement also prohibits Goodlow from contacting any of the victims or their families.

All but one of the victims lived less than two miles from Goodlow’s home on the east side. The first assault was reported in August 2020, while the last one happened in the same month as Goodlow’s arrest.

A fingerprint recovered from the scene of the September 2021 assault allowed investigators to obtain a warrant for Goodlow’s DNA, which matched evidence collected from all eight victims.

Investigators said Goodlow frequently used a ruse to get inside his victims’ homes. In at least one case, he dressed as a utility worker. In another, he showed up as a tree trimmer with tools and equipment, according to court documents.

Goodlow typically threatened his victims with a knife and asked nearly all of them for money, police said. He usually preyed on women who lived alone. In one case, however, three victims lived in the same house. He killed their dog, investigators said.

Goodlow previously submitted a plea agreement in October 2022, although it was later stricken, according to court records.