Indianapolis man faces murder charge in deadly Bloomington shooting

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – An Indianapolis man faces charges in connection with a deadly shooting in Bloomington.

Officers were called around 8:30 p.m. Monday to the 1600 block of N. Willis Dr. after receiving multiple reports of shots fired in the area.

Officers found 26-year-old Damon Brown lying on the front porch with a gunshot wound. He died at an area hospital.

Police arrested 24-year-old Jamal McFadden in the case; he’s charged with murder.

After the shooting, witnesses told police three individuals had been invited to the home and then tried to rob Brown, resulting in gunfire.

Witnesses reported seeing a white Chevy parked in front of the lot; when investigators ran the plates, the car was traced back to McFadden, according to the probable cause affidavit. Surveillance footage showed the car parking in the lot; three people got out.

Detectives said the video showed two people running out the front door and a third person running out the back door. The third individual appeared to drop or pick something off in the Chevy before running away.

Detectives found several bullet holes in and around the front door. They also saw a large amount of blood and more than 10 casings. Other bullet holes were visible near the back door and there were spent casings in the kitchen as well.

Detectives discovered a large duffel bag containing several pounds of marijuana behind the residence. A relative of Brown’s said three people showed up to buy marijuana and pulled guns on Brown, who told them to “just take it” before one of them opened fire.

Less than five hours after the shooting, McFadden told Indianapolis Metropolitan police that his car had been stolen at a gas station earlier in the day. He said he’d left the car running with the keys in the ignition while he went to get a haircut. The theft, McFadden claimed, happened between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. He said he stayed around Indianapolis to look for the car and went to his aunt’s house.

Investigators couldn’t find surveillance video of the car theft at the gas station, according to court documents, and the owner of the barbershop said McFadden didn’t come in on Monday. Furthermore, the owner said the business isn’t even open on Mondays.

Police obtained a search warrant for McFadden’s cell phone records, which showed the phone was in the Bloomington area at the time of the shooting. McFadden used the same phone to report his car stolen to IMPD, according to court records.

When McFadden arrived at the Bloomington Police Department to retrieve his car, detectives questioned him again. Regarding the shooting and possible charges, McFadden said he didn’t have a gun and “just ran.” He also asked for a lawyer.

“After reviewing all the statements and video evidence, along with the cell phone records for Jamal McFadden, it is my belief that Jamal McFadden was lying about his car being stolen in Indianapolis,” the detective concluded, adding that he believed McFadden was driving the Chevy and went inside Brown’s home.

Police are still looking for two other people involved in Brown’s death.

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