INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana State Police are looking to crack down on illegal street racing along I-465.

Troopers arrested one suspect following a dangerous race over the weekend.

State Police claim several drivers called 911 on Saturday night to report a group was using the interstate as an illegal race track.

With cars lined up across multiple lanes of I-465, some drivers were forced to stop near East 56th Street because the interstate was being deliberately blocked by a group of street racers.

“They used several vehicles to block the oncoming traffic and open the road completely and other cars would take advantage to race on an open roadway,” said Indiana State Police Sgt. John Perrine.

Sgt. Perrine says troopers quickly responded and most of the suspects fled, but court records show 25-year-old Martin Green was arrested and charged with obstructing traffic and driving while suspended.

“This reckless behavior is unacceptable on any public street,” said Perrine.

For his part, Green admits he was on scene at the time and didn’t attempt to flee from police, but denied that traffic was being blocked for a race. He says he does not condone illegal street racing.

The state police case coincides with a crackdown on dangerous driving around Indianapolis.

Following a spike in complaints last year, IMPD stepped up efforts to combat speeding and street racing, particularly along 38th street, which has seen several deadly crashes over the last few years.

“People need to step back and think, is it really worth the risk I’m putting somebody else in or myself in?” said IMPD Capt. Fred Ilnicki in November 2021.

While only one arrest was made following the race over the weekend, State Police believe the same group committed a similar crime last September.

They still hope to hold some of the other alleged street racers accountable.

“We’re going to work very diligently on this case.  We recognize the dangers this creates on our roadways,” said Perrine.  “It’s just not safe.  It’s something we take very seriously.”

State Police encourage the public to always report reckless driving or street racing.  The best way to do that is to call 911.