INDIANAPOLIS — Police are still looking for the person involved in a triple shooting over the weekend on the city’s northwest side. 

Indianapolis metro police said the deadly shooting happened around 3 a.m. Sunday at a strip mall on North High School Road. One person was killed and two others were hospitalized.

The Marion County Coroner’s Office identified the deceased as 35-year-old Jose Ismael Herrera Jacobo.

“I am not at all surprised that someone got shot out here,” said Steven Conwell, an Indianapolis resident.

Conwell is no stranger to this strip mall on Indy’s northwest side. He comes here multiple days a week to pick up trash.

“You got tequila, whiskey, beer cans…I [have] found empty bullet casings and I [have] found a few live rounds,” he said.

Conwell says this parking lot is known to have large, and sometimes violent, gatherings and isn’t at all surprised that the latest deadly shooting happened here. 

“[It happens at] pretty much at any of the large strip malls,” he said. “They just pull up a bunch of cars next to each other, run their radios and drink and do whatever.”

On Sunday, IMPD said a total of three people were shot after some kind of disturbance in the parking lot. Two of the three men were found there and taken to the hospital. One man died shortly after arriving at the hospital and the other is still in critical condition.

Police said a third person was found a few miles away on Rockville Road but confirmed he was originally shot in that same parking lot. At last check, he was in serious condition.

“I don’t think this is an Indianapolis problem. I think throughout this country, we have seen a significant number of folks pick up firearms to resolve conflict,” said William Young with IMPD. “I hope we can get that message across to those individuals before they result to gun [violence] that they are going to be held accountable and responsible.”

IMPD referred to the latest crime scene as disturbing. As of Monday, they had not released the ages or names of the victims nor had they identified a suspect.

Going forward, they hope more people will speak up, so the person who did it can be held accountable. 

“The more [witnesses] we get, the better. It helps our detectives [make an arrest],” Young said.

Police are still searching for a suspect and are asking for the community’s help in this case. To leave an anonymous tip with Crime Stoppers, call (317) 262-TIPS.