IMPD Northwest District supervisor tells story of Riverside shooting that saw an officer shot five times

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INDIANAPOLIS — An IMPD northwest district officer is still recovering after being shot during the pursuit of a suspect on Saturday. She was shot five times as her fellow officers exchanged gunfire with the suspect. Her supervisor, Lt. Bradly Gosnell, took us through his account of the incident.

“Majority of my shift has less than three years on. When you become a supervisor, it’s almost like they are your kids,” detailed Lt. Gosnell. ““In the back of your mind, you’re saying, ‘Is this their last post? Last time you will ever see them? Did I prepare them?’ You become a police officer because you want to change the world, and ultimately the world changes you.”

Lt. Gosnell began heading to the 6400 block of Kenstone Drive after the call came in of a person shot Saturday.

The suspected shooter is Keith Allender Jr. Over the radio, two officers identified the suspect’s car, and that’s when the firing exchange began. Lieutenant Gosnell raced to the scene only to learn that one officer had been shot five times. She was put into a car and taken to the hospital.

“It’s bad enough that they are throwing her in a car, and not waiting on an ambulance and taking her? How bad is this?” Lt. Gosnell questioned to himself on scene. “I don’t know how you get shot five times, and it be really good. “

Lt. Gosnell volunteered to head to the hospital to check on her.

“It’s one of the worst feelings in the world. Your siren is not loud enough, and your lights aren’t bright enough. The car can’t go fast enough,” recounted Lt Gosnell.

He says the officer gave him a wise crack as he entered her hospital room. That’s how he knew she was going to be okay.

Allender Jr. was arrested and charged with aggravated battery and criminal recklessness.

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