INDIANAPOLIS — A 27-year-old man was arrested earlier this month in the near west side of Indianapolis in relation to an ongoing narcotics investigation by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

According to a post on the IMPD’s social media, Durand Johnson-Nance was arrested on Oct. 26 in the 1200 block of North Pershing Ave. This comes after police reportedly conducted a compliance check on Johnson-Nance on Oct. 17.

The post read that during the compliance check, Johnson-Nance was not home and “refused to return.” Police also said that he was not at his workplace, telling his employer that he was “‘in some trouble’ and would be taking PTO for the foreseeable future.”

Detectives then obtained a search warrant for Johnson-Nance’s home on the east side of Indianapolis. During that search, detectives reportedly discovered:

  • Around 30 grams of suspected fentanyl pills
  • Around four pounds of marijuana
  • A Lorcin L25 .25 caliber handgun
  • A Sig 1911 .45 caliber handgun
  • A Springfield Armory XD .40 caliber handgun
  • A Ruger 5.7 caliber handgun
  • A KelTec 9mm AR pistol
  • A stolen Ruger SR9 9mm AR pistol.

Because of this, the post read that Johnson-Nance is preliminarily facing a number of charges, including possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon, dealing a controlled substance and dealing marijuana.