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Update (July 20, 2018)–After a plea agreement, charges against Bruce Williams were dismissed. He received a 15-year sentence with three years to be executed in the Indiana Department of Corrections and two years in Marion County Community Corrections, with 10 years suspended.

Update (Feb. 24, 2017)– Charges against Stacy Offett were dismissed.

Update (March 9, 2017) — After a plea agreement, 38 counts were dismissed against Deangra Williams, who pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of a firearm and release of criminal intelligence. Williams was sentenced to 6 years, with 3 years suspended.

Original story:

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Oct. 28, 2015) – The arrest of a heroin supplier to students at Franklin Central High School has led IMPD detectives to the bust of a longtime west side drug gang called the Ponds Army.

Deangra Williams
Deangra Williams

Ramon D. Fox, known on the streets as “Cash,” was arrested. Police say he is the leader of the Ponds Army gang, which included a civilian employee of IMPD, Deangra Williams, who used access to various confidential tracking systems to trace stolen firearms and the criminal records of her son and his gang associates. Williams, aka “Dee Dee”, is listed on dozens of occasions, researching the status of firearms that often showed up in the hands of gang members.

Williams reportedly ran criminal background checks on her son, Bruce Williams, aka “B”, 42 times since 2009.

Search warrants served Tuesday and Wednesday resulted in the confiscation of several firearms, a sizable amount of cash and quantities of heroin and cocaine.

One of the addresses that was searched housed a private day care.

Fox was convicted in 2014 on a narcotics charge and sentenced to ten years in prison with eight years suspended but eligible to be charged in the future as a Serious Violent Felon with a Firearm and, according to an informant, would “routinely keep guns around him and that he would trade heroin for guns.”

The Williams home, shared by mother and son, was the subject of numerous anonymous calls to an IMPD tip line and the target of a search warrant last month which recovered two handguns, cash and heroin.

An informant told investigators that, “Williams was benefitting from her son’s activities and that Bruce paid her bills and made sure she had a nice car in exchange for his mother’s assistance.”

Williams was said to witness several of her son’s narcotics transactions and another son, Henry Ingram, is currently serving a prison sentence related to drug dealing and his participation in the Pond’s Army in 2005.