IMPD employee accused of abusing access to law enforcement databases to aid Ponds Army gang

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Update (Feb. 24, 2017)– Charges against Stacy Offett were dismissed.

Original story:

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (October 29, 2015) – Indiana State Police are conducting an audit to review the activity of an IMPD employee who is accused of abusing law enforcement databases to aid a west side drug gang. Police busted Deangra Williams, aka “Dee Dee”, for allegedly using her position as a civilian employee to hand over confidential information to the Ponds Army gang.

“Well obviously it’s concerning, very concerning that somebody in law enforcement with that trust and with that accessibility to that uses it in that way,” said Sgt. Rich Myers with IMPD.

State police oversee the databases that Williams used. Employee have to pass a state police background check in order to gain access. A follow up background check is recommended by the database administrators every five years. A spokesperson IMPD could not comment when asked if Williams had a recent background check.

“I think it’s pretty early in the process you know we have some reviewing to do after this is over with to see if there’s areas where we can tighten things up and try to prevent things from happening in the first place,” said Major David Robinson with IMPD’s Professional Standards Division.

The gang’s alleged leader Ramon D. Fox, known on the streets as “Cash,” was arrested. Police believe the group supplied heroin to students at Franklin Central High School.

A series of search warrants served earlier this week results in the seizure of guns, a sizable amount of cash and drugs like heroin and cocaine. Police arrested more than 10 people in connection with this case. Drugs were also found at a northwest side daycare during the investigation.

Police said Williams passed along information to her son Bruce who is also an alleged gang member. The two lived together at a home in the 3000 block of Michigan. According to court, documents the home was the subject of numerous complaints into the IMPD tip line.

Court documents showed Williams used her position to run criminal background check on numerous people including herself. The documents went on to say she ran more than 42 criminal background checks on her son Bruce.

Texts messages between the mother and son pair revealed an exchange about serial numbers on firearms.

An informant told investigators that, “Williams was benefiting from her son’s activities and that Bruce paid her bills and made sure she had a nice car in exchange for his mother’s assistance.”

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