INDIANAPOLIS — A 25-year-old man is arrested and accused of being involved in a series of robberies and burglaries on Indy’s west side.

Although a majority of the crimes were committed in July, court records show the alleged crime spree began in April.

During one crime in mid-July, a thief slashed open a screen window at this apartment building on West Lake South Drive and stole some cash.

Davion Bond, 25, is now accused of that crime and nearly 20 other robberies and burglaries.

“It’s honestly a relief he’s been caught. I was pretty scared,” said victim Sabrina Pedroza.

Sabrina believes the same suspect broke into her apartment multiple times over the last few months.

After the burglary in July, she even put up boards over her windows.

“To know that he was caught, I now want to take the boards off my window,” said Pedroza.

Court records claim Bond repeatedly broke into homes at night, while families and children were sleeping, and would occasionally confront the terrified residents at gunpoint.

Nearly all the crimes took place at the Boardwalk at Westlake apartments and in the adjacent Ashton Pointe apartments.

Police believe the suspect was living in a vacant unit, where security officers found a bag of items linking him to the crimes.

IMPD covert detectives then put the apartment complex under surveillance and arrested Bond last week.

“We’re thankful for the covert robbery and other units that identified this guy and got him off the street and hopefully that apartment complex and the whole area of the west side will be safer because of it,” said IMPD Lt. Shane Foley.

A preliminary affidavit lists at least 18 crimes connected to Bond, who was allegedly in possession of a stolen handgun when he was arrested.

Police claim Bond confessed to many of the incidents and explained he was mostly just looking for money to buy food.

Police suspect Bond of the following crimes:

  • A robbery of a man in a parking lot on Lakeview drive on April 14th
  • A burglary on Beech drive on July 5th
  • A burglary on West Lake North drive on July 6th
  • A burglary on Lakeview drive on July 13th
  • An armed robbery of a man on Beechway drive on July 15th
  • A burglary where a gun was stolen on Mickley avenue on July 17th
  • A robbery of a man outside his apartment on Beachview drive on July 18th
  • A burglary on West Lake South drive on July 19th
  • Five burglaries and robberies were reported on July 21st
  • Another burglary was reported at West Lake North drive on July 28th
  • A burglary was reported at Beachway drive  on July 31st
  • Another burglary was reported on Coquina Key drive on July 31st
  • The last crime was reported on Magdalene drive on August 3rd

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office will review the case and make the final charging decision.

Prosecutors were given a 72 hour continuance to file formal charges.

In the meantime, the suspect is being held on a $100,000 bond at the Marion County jail.