GREENWOOD, Ind. — A 47-year-old man has been charged in Johnson County for rape after he reportedly went into his neighbor’s apartment in the middle of the night and sexually assaulted her.

According to an affidavit for probable cause, recently filed in Johnson County, 47-year-old Jason Gosman was charged with rape, a Level 3 felony, and residential entry, a Level 6 felony.

On Aug. 20, an officer with the Greenwood Police Department was dispatched to an apartment in reference to a sexual battery investigation. A woman told police she was spending time with her neighbors, one of whom was identified as Gosman, on Aug. 15. Around 12 a.m., she went home to go to sleep.

The woman said that around 2 a.m., she woke up to Gosman’s face between her legs and his hands inside her vagina. The affidavit said she began to “punch, kick and shove him off of her.” After he resisted for some time, Gosman “just stood up and left the apartment without saying anything.”

In further details provided to police, the woman said around 11:30 p.m., she remembered she had left her phone on her neighbor’s counter, which they could not find. When she walked back into her apartment, she reportedly saw Gosman standing on her balcony trying to get in the sliding door and that he had the phone all along. Gosman and the neighbor then went back to their home.

When the woman went over to the balcony door to lock it for the night, she reportedly noticed the lock was “not working like it once did… (and she) was not able to lock” the door before going to bed.

When she woke up that night, the woman told police that the TV was on in her bedroom, giving her some light to see that the person who was raping her was Gosman.

The woman told her other neighbor a few days later in a conversation that was reportedly recorded by a cell phone. The neighbor, who was reportedly in a relationship with Gosman, told the woman that Gosman said he was sorry and he knew he “f—ed up.”

The neighbor told police that Gosman told the neighbor that he went over to the woman’s house to look for his cigarettes. Gosman then told the neighbor that the woman began “flirting with him” and that they consensually began to “(mess) around” and there was no struggle.

After voicemails were left for Gosman, the affidavit said that Gosman hired an attorney and declined to speak with detectives. The Johnson County Clerk’s Office received a $2,500 cash bond for Gosman on Thursday.