GREENWOOD, Ind. — A Greenwood woman told police that she woke up to an ex-boyfriend — whom she had an active restraining order against — trying to crawl through her bedroom window while pointing a gun at her.

Elijah Brissey, 24, was arrested for invasion of privacy, stalking, pointing a firearm, and possession of drugs after a two-hour standoff with police at his parents’ Greenwood home on Sunday.

According to court documents, the victim told police that she awoke in her apartment bedroom on Sunday morning to Brissey trying to crawl through her window. She claimed that Brissey was armed with a black and gold semi-automatic handgun possibly with a green laser. The ex-girlfriend told police she tried to shut the window but Brissey pointed the firearm at her, making her fearful for her life.

Booking photo of Elijah Brissey

Brissey reportedly fled after the victim called police while hiding in her apartment.

Court documents state that officers went to Brissey’s parents’ home on Bridle Court in order to speak to Brissey.

Brissey reportedly refused to exit the house and stayed inside with a child. A SWAT team eventually made entry into the home and left a phone for negotiators to contact Brissey. After two hours, Brissey finally agreed to pass the child to officers. He was then taken into custody.

A search of Brissey’s vehicle reportedly uncovered marijuana, fentanyl, psilocybin mushrooms multiple rifles and a handgun that matched the description given by the victim. The black and gold 9mm Smith and Wesson pistol was loaded, police reported.

A further search of Brissey’s bedroom uncovered an AR-15 with no serial numbers.

According to court documents, Brissey admitted to knowing that his ex-girlfriend had an active protective order against him.

When asked why he went to her apartment then, Brissey reportedly told police that he drove over to his ex’s apartment to “scope the area” and see if there were any cars parked next to her own. Brissey reportedly admitted to his behavior being “stalkerish” and called it “weird,” allegedly saying “I shouldn’t do that.”

Brissey allegedly told police that after spotting a vehicle he didn’t recognize next to his ex’s car he went to her window wanting to ask her about who it was. Brissey claimed he didn’t have his gun on him and instead was holding a phone.

He reportedly told police, “Honestly I’m the type of jealous person that if it was (a guy in her bed) and if I had my gun, and I’m not saying it was, but it probably would have ended up with not just me running away.”

“You probably would’ve made a bad decision?” the officer asked.

“I probably would have,” Brissey reportedly replied.

“I’m glad I didn’t have my gun on me,” police quote Brissey as saying. “You know what I mean?”

Brissey is booked in the Johnson County Jail. If convicted, Brissey could face between one and six years in prison for his most serious charge — one count of stalking as a Level 5 felony.