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(December 20, 2019) — Shelby Allee pleaded guilty to promoting prostitution. Other charges were dismissed as part of a plea agreement. She was sentenced to 1,095 days in the Department of Correction with the bulk of the sentenced suspended to probation.


GREENFIELD, Ind. — Police arrested a Greenfield woman accused of selling an inappropriate image of an underage girl to men.

Shelby Allee, 21, is charged with child exploitation and possession of child pornography. Police arrested her Wednesday.

According to court documents, friends of Allee’s saw the picture and obtained a copy of it via cellphone before going to police about the matter. The lewd photo showed Allie and a teen posing nude together in a bathtub.

Friends told investigators that Allee was selling the photo and worried that she was also trying to pressure the teen into having sex with men.

One of Allee’s acquaintances said she overheard Allee trying to convince the teen to go on a date with a 41-year-old man; the woman said Allee told the teen “to stop being scared and just do it,” according to court documents. Allee also tried to get the girl to have sex with a 45-year-old man, the woman told investigators.

Friends told police Allee had sold the lewd photo to at least one man for $120, court documents said.

Police interviewed the teen, who told them she’d met Allee about a year ago online and began hanging out with her in Greenfield.

The girl told police she’d posed with Allee in the photo but said Allee had promised to crop out her face before showing it to anyone. She thought Allee was sending the picture to a boyfriend but didn’t know if anyone else had received it.

The teen told police she hadn’t had sex with any of the men Allee had tried to set her up with.

According to court documents, text messages showed Allee was concerned about the photo and what would happen if it got turned into police. Investigators said the text messages indicated Allee was aware that the photo constituted child pornography since the teen was underage.

Police couldn’t definitively say who took the photo or how many people had received it.