INDIANAPOLIS — A woman who was carjacked and shot at a gas station on Tuesday morning said she’s thankful to be alive.

“I was honestly scared that nobody was going to help me and I was gonna bleed out,” Nicole Harden said.

Harden was pumping gas just after midnight for her mother, who has to go to work early in the morning. She was finishing up when two men, dressed in all black and wearing ski masks, approached her.

“I went to go get in my car and he smacked me upside my head with the gun,” Harden said.

Harden said she started bleeding badly and asked her attackers if she could at least grab her 1-year-old son’s belongings.

“He was like no give me my s**t b***h,” Harden recalled.

She said she was able to quickly grab her blood-soaked cellphone and walked away to call police.

“I was about to dial 911 because I was scared,” Harden said. “Then they were about to pull off and they stopped and the guy shot me.”

Harden was hit twice in her arm. She said her doctors believe one of the bullets may have hit a nerve that controls some motion in her hand.

When one of the attackers’ pistol-whipped her, it nearly took part of her ear off.

“They had to stitch up the front of her ear and the back of her ear,” said Harden’s sister Brittany. “It was hanging on by an inch.”

Harden said police were able to recover her vehicle. She said it had been ransacked and numerous items were missing, including her wallet.

However, she said she’s really most upset about how brutal her attackers were.

“I don’t understand why they did that,” Harden said. “You already had my car. There was no need to do this.”

Harden said she no longer feels safe in her neighborhood or her own home. She said she wants others to be cautious so they don’t fall victim like she did.

“If you go anywhere at night I would make sure that you have somebody with you and protection,” Harden said. “Because these people do not care about you whatsoever.”

Harden said a good samaritan did stop and try to help her before police showed up. She’d like to find that person and thank them personally.

We did reach out to IMPD for any updates in the case and are waiting to hear back.