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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– A former IMPD officer was sentenced Friday in connection with the shooting of an off-duty detective.

Adrian “Scott” Aurs will serve 12 years in the Indiana Department of Correction and one year in community corrections for two counts of pointing a firearm and one count of aggravated battery.

Aurs was arrested in July 2016 after he was accused of shooting at an off-duty detective who was at his estranged wife’s apartment to take a report on a domestic dispute.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Aurs then fled along I-74, calling his father-in-law to apologize before being arrested following a standoff on a highway bridge over the Ohio River by the Cincinnati Police SWAT team. His employment with IMPD was terminated in December 2017.

During the sentencing hearing Friday, Aurs, his wife Brooke Aurs and Sgt. Robert Pearsey, who was wounded in the incident, all spoke.

Aurs became tearful referring to his PTSD and suicidal nature as factors in his behavior that night. He said he still doesn’t completely understand or remember what happened that night. He said he “lost hope” and “the will to live.”

He said he saw a man with a gun and just reacted, but he thanked Pearsey because he believed that his presence “saved him from himself” and saved his own life. He asked his wife to forgive him and spoke about suicide being a silent killer of law enforcement.

Aurs’ wife spoke about the fear and terror that Aurs inflicted on her and the kids that night. She said he fired a weapon in the direction of where their children were sleeping. She felt certain she was going to die that night.

She thought Aurs was coming to kill her, the kids, or himself. She said she doubts any real remorse because when he bonded out of jail, he created a financial burden on her and her children and locked her out of accounts for utilities, mortgage, etc., where she could provide and solve problems to maintain their children’s lives.

Pearsey discussed his long recovery, including eight surgeries and many following complications. Doctors have told him he will never have full use of his right arm again. He recalled the fear of the second shot in his back and what impact that may have on his spine.

Pearsey said, “I have no doubt he tried to kill me,”​ and asked for the maximum sentence of 16 years.

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