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FLORA, Ind. – The family of four young sisters killed in a house fire in Flora is expressing shock over a major change in the case.

CBS4 reported Thursday, accelerants were found in only one part of the house. That’s a shift from what investigators originally reported when they said earlier this year that accelerants were found in several parts of the house.

“Now that we’ve watched what you put out, it’s only one spot in the house. Well what spot is that? Where is that spot at?” asked family member Jackie Partlow.

The victims’ grandfather Tracie Rose added, “What’s in the dark is coming into light. That’s all.”

The family has so many questions about the case and this week it’s adding one more to their list. Could this latest development hurt the chances of locking someone up for the arson?

“It’s gonna be hard,” said Partlow.

Rose added, “He ain’t gonna do nothing but walk.”

The answer is not yet clear. But if Rose’ suspicions are right, it would be another devastating blow to his daughter Gaylin Rose, the mother of the four young girls.

“This girl is destroyed. She lost everything in that fire,” said Partlow. “Her kids’ birthdays is coming up. You know what I’m saying? And all this stuff is coming out. Ain’t nobody calling to say, you know, are you okay?”

The Carroll County Prosecutor Robert Ives also expressed that while he understands the level of public interest in this investigation, he is asking all investigative agencies to avoid further discussion of this active investigation which could impact successful prosecution of this case in the future.