INDIANAPOLIS — An east side restaurant is out hundreds after two separate robberies in just a few days. Both incidents were caught on camera and the owner is hoping someone recognizes the suspects.

“It’s my family that works here so I want to keep them as safe as possible,” said Gina Becerra, the owner of El Chivo Jalicience.

The restaurant is on Washington Street on the east side of Indianapolis.

On Wednesday, March 1, a man came into the restaurant and demanded money at gunpoint from the employees. The robbery was caught on camera.

”The cashier that opened up the register, she was like so nervous, that it took her like several attempts to open the cash register,” Becerra said.

The suspect made off with around $500.

“We just never thought it would happen in broad daylight,” Becerra said.

But, then it happened again. Just three days later, on Saturday, Becerra’s security camera caught a man reaching into a tip jar.

”He saw the money and stood in front of it and emptied the jar and put it in his pocket and walked out,” she said.

The jar of money was Becerra’s son’s earnings for selling candy at the restaurant, there was $20 inside.

“He’s making his own little business,” Becerra said.

These broad daylight robberies caused Becerra to reach out to CBS 4.

“I’m hoping that the public watching can help us identify the suspect and prevent it from happening again,” she said.

Becerra also filed a report with IMPD – detectives are investigating.

“We always want the community to provide those tips and information that we always talk about so we can make those arrests,” said IMPD Public Information Officer William Young.

Young said businesses can help to reduce robberies by having cameras, good lighting, limiting blind spots and businesses can also check in with their IMPD district for tips and help.

“Each district has a community relations division that business owners can reach out to,” Young said.

Becerra has cameras inside and out with an alarm system.

She’s hoping these suspects can be caught and she and her family can get back to doing their jobs.

“We don’t want to be known for these types of events,” Becerra said. “We want to be known for our food.”

Becerra said her son will continue selling candy but they’ll keep the tip jar a little bit farther back.

If you recognize either of these suspects, you’re asked to call Crime Stoppers.