MUNCIE, Ind. – A Muncie woman was charged after officers found several drugs in her home while searching for a 16-year-old runaway.

On Sept. 14, Delaware County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a home on North Reserve on the reports of a runaway at the address. Officers were able to find the runaway and they were arrested.

Court documents detailed deputies also encountered 43-year-old Kelly Lynn Barnhouse who was the reported home renter. Officers said Barnhouse appeared to be on drugs.

Police said Barnhouse’s pupils were dilated and she was talking “fast.” Barnhouse reportedly admitted to having a “small amount” of meth in her purse and inside the house.

Kelly Lynn Barnhouse booking photo (Delaware County Jail)

Barnhouse gave officers permission to search the property for evidence. Police said they found meth in the purse, a plastic bag with synthetic marijuana and a small green purse with four Xanax bars.

Police also found several pills in Barnhouse’s bedroom and they weighed a combined 32 grams, according to the probable cause.

Officers said they found heroin in a clear bag, meth in another bag and a plastic straw for snorting drugs. Police told the woman she wouldn’t be arrested at that time but they’d be in contact.

Court records stated Barnhouse was arrested at the home on Sept. 22 and officers found Xanax, drug paraphernalia and synthetic marijuana nicknamed “Katy.”

During an interview police said Barnhouse admitted to buying four Xanax pills for $5 each prior to being stopped at her home. Barnhouse has suspended driving privileges and doesn’t hold a valid license.

Police said they were aware of a stop on Sept. 15 where she was cited for DWS/Prior, expired registration and no financial responsibility.

Barnhouse was preliminarily charged with dealing schedule III substance, Level 2 Felony; possession of meth, Level 6 Felony; possession of cocaine, Level 6 Felony; maintaining a common nuisance, Level 6 Felony; possession of schedule II drug, Level 6 Felony; two counts possession of drug paraphernalia, Class C Misdemeanor; and DWS/Prior, Class A Misdemeanor.

No initial hearing has been set in the case.