MUNCIE, Ind. – A man and a woman are facing neglect charges after a Muncie 1-year-old tested positive for fentanyl and reportedly overdosed.

Court records showed both 25-year-old Storm Lee Rollins and Makayla Marie Weyland were preliminarily charged with neglect for a 1-year-old believed to have overdosed on fentanyl in early August.

On August 10, Muncie police officers and fire officials were called to a home off South Proud Street for an unresponsive child with CPR in progress. When officials arrived, the 1-year-old was “breathing shallow breaths.”

The child was taken to a local hospital and administered Narcan for a suspected opiate overdose. They were then life lined to an Indianapolis children’s hospital for additional treatment.

Police said Weyland gave officers permission to search her property. Investigators said they found a “bag of round pills” in a dresser. The drawer contained adult male clothing.

Court documents detailed the only man that would occasionally stay at the home was Rollins, who was later discovered to be in a relationship with Weyland. Investigators said at the time of the incident, three kids including the 1-year-old were in the care of Rollins.

Rollins located the 1-year-old “unresponsive” face down on the bed. He called Weyland who came home and attempted CPR while Rollins called 911.

Police said medical records at the hospital confirmed the child had tested positive for fentanyl. Hospital staff added that the infant also appeared to suffer from an overdose.

During an interview with Rollins, police said that he admitted to having a drug addiction. Nearly two hours before he found the 1-year-old unresponsive, Rollins crushed up approximately five blue pills in the kitchen on his cellphone.

Rollins told investigators that he later made the 1-year-old’s bottle in the same kitchen and wasn’t sure if he “washed his hands before doing so.”

Storm Lee Rollins booking photo (Delaware County Jail)

Court documents said Rollins believed he possibly got a portion of the pill residue on or in the infant’s bottle while making it. Rollins also confirmed that the pills located in the dresser belonged to him and they contained fentanyl.

Originally in a statement to police, Weyland told investigators that she knew Rollins was a “recovering addict.” She said that after dating Rollins in early 2020, she discovered his problem with abusing drugs.

Makayla Marie Weyland booking photo (Delaware County Jail)

Weyland claimed that she thought Rollins was now sober and felt comfortable leaving her kids in his care. Investigators said Weyland also denied any knowledge of Rollins “crushing and snorting approzimately 10 pills a day,” in her home at times.

Both Rollins and Weyland were preliminarily charged with neglect of a dependent causing serious injury, Level 3 Felony; and two neglect of a dependent charges, Level 6 Felony for his actions while being the guardian over the other two kids, aged 2 and 5 respectively.

Weyland’s charges came from leaving her children in the care of Rollins, “whom she knew to be a drug addict.”

The 1-year-old victim was still receiving treatment at the children’s hospital as of Aug. 15.

No initial court hearing date has been set in this case.