INDIANAPOLIS – An Indy man was charged after he reportedly hit a marathon runner and two cars, including an unmarked police cruiser with his sedan in October. 

Court documents explained the encounter after Indianapolis metro police were called to the Monument Circle on reports of a person and two vehicles struck on Oct. 28. 

Officers stated that a man driving a red sedan had hit a pedestrian and two vehicles and fled the scene. 

The runner who was hit also left the scene and no injuries were reported. 

IMPD said they later located the vehicle utilizing the license plate number on 46th and Binford Avenue. Police then conducted a traffic stop. 

The driver was identified as 19-year-old Joseph Kelly. He was detained on the scene. 

Joseph Kelly mugshot (via IMPD)

Investigators then spoke with a Clayton police officer who was helping direct traffic during the downtown marathon event. 

The officer stated that he noticed Kelly growing impatient due to the traffic and beginning to move forward. 

Police said that’s when the officer tried to get Kelly’s attention by placing his hands on the vehicle’s hood. Kelly then reportedly sped up and drove past him, striking a runner in the process. 

When a detective nearby witnessed Kelly strike the runner, he claimed to attempt to stop Kelly by placing his unmarked cruiser in the southbound lane of traffic. 

According to the probable cause, the detective then exited the vehicle, in full uniform with his firearm drawn and ordered Kelly [the driver] to stop. 

The detective added that Kelly then struck his cruiser and another vehicle that was in the northbound lane. 

Kelly then ignored the detective’s commands and fled the scene, police said. 

Court records stated that Kelly admitted to fleeing from the accident because “he was afraid due to an officer pointing a firearm at him.” 

Police said Kelly also proceeded to offer money to the officer, taking him to jail, if he would take him home. 

Kelly was charged with criminal recklessness; and resisting law enforcement, both Level 6 felonies; and two counts of failure to remain at the scene of an accident, a Class B misdemeanor. 

An initial hearing was set for Nov. 15 at 2 p.m., but an arrest warrant was issued on the same day.