GREENWOOD, Ind. — A Johnson County woman faces multiple felony charges after court docs show she pointed a loaded gun at a juvenile’s head during an argument at a Greenwood apartment and then barricaded herself inside.

Abony Mitchell mugshot

Abony N. Mitchell, a 30-year-old Greenwood woman, was arrested last week after a standoff with local police and SWAT crews and now faces the following charges:

  • Pointing a loaded firearm (level 6 felony)
  • Intimidation (level 6 felony)
  • Battery with a deadly weapon (level 6 felony)
  • Resisting law enforcement (class A misdemeanor)
  • Possession of paraphernalia (class C misdemeanor)

The charges against Mitchell stem from an incident on May 3 where officers with the Greenwood Police Department were called around 11:30 p.m. to an apartment complex in the 2500 block of Belmont Drive for a disturbance.

Upon arrival, GPD said officers could hear a loud commotion inside apartment L, the unit they were called to. They spoke with a woman standing outside the apartment who said she was inside when an argument broke out between Mitchell and a juvenile.

The witness told police that the incident had escalated when Mitchell pointed a gun at the juvenile’s head and threatened to kill her. The woman also said that several of Mitchell’s family members were still inside the apartment, arguing loud enough to be heard in the street.

While surrounding the apartment, GPD said officers saw a female walking around inside. The woman, court docs show, eventually turned all of the lights off inside.

Officers then moved their squad cars to “illuminate the front windows and doors” and began yelling loudly for Mitchell to come outside, which court docs say lasted a “considerable amount of time”.

At one point, GPD said Mitchell opened the front door only to close it seconds later. Officers then heard the door lock.

Eventually, court docs show that several people inside the apartment were able to leave out of the back sliding door and were taken to a safe area by officers. One woman told police she had twice tried to unlock the back door to let in police, but Mitchell had immediately locked it.

That same woman was interviewed by detectives and said that a juvenile cousin of hers had come over to Mitchell’s apartment to visit when the disturbance started.

Mitchell, who the witness said had been drinking throughout the night, began making critical comments about the juvenile’s weight.

“[The witness] stated [the juvenile] was respectful during the initial part of the incident but became increasingly upset the more Abony [Mitchell] insulted her,” court docs filed against Mitchell read.

The juvenile then said she was going to go pop Mitchell’s tires, grabbed a kitchen knife and walked outside. That is when the initial witness said things escalated further.

Investigators say Mitchell then grabbed a handgun, chambered a round and pressed the firearm into the juvenile’s forehead.

The witness said she tried to disarm Mitchell, but that Mitchell ended up hitting her in the temple with the gun. The woman eventually got the gun away from Mitchell and handed it to Mitchell’s husband, only for the husband to immediately hand the gun back to Mitchell.

That is when the witness said the juvenile left the apartment and went to a nearby gas station. The woman stayed inside the apartment and said she could soon hear officers yelling commands to come outside.

GPD officers later spoke with the juvenile involved, who told them that she had been staying over at Mitchell’s apartment when she began insulting her about her weight.

Court documents show that Mitchell, who the juvenile referred to as “aunt”, allegedly called the juvenile a “Swiss Roll”, causing the juvenile to “snap”.

The juvenile told officers that she did say she was going to pop Mitchell’s tires but then when she came back inside Mitchell pressed a gun to her forehead and said she was going to kill her.

Mitchell was arrested without further incident after Greenwood SWAT officers made their way into the apartment through the front door. Eventually, a teal SCCY CPX-2 9mm semiautomatic pistol with one bullet chambered was found hidden under a couch cushion in the apartment.

While searching for more ammo, GPD said officers found two multicolored smoking pipes and a gold marijuana grinder causing Mitchell to also be charged with possession of paraphernalia.

Mitchell was then taken to Johnson County Jail where she was booked in on multiple felony charges. An initial hearing in her case is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. on May 31.