HANCOCK COUNTY, Ind. — A Chicago man is facing a criminal recklessness charge after he followed and shot a vehicle in Hancock County, according to court documents.

On April 29, authorities were called to the area of C.R. 300 N. and C.R. 500 W. in response to reports of a vehicle that spun out, as well as gunfire.

An officer arrived to find a white Pontiac G6 that appeared to have crashed into a road construction sign. Witnesses told the officer a red Dodge Journey and the white Pontiac G6 were both traveling eastbound at a high rate of speed right next to each other when the Pontiac spun out and crashed, per court documents. The Dodge then continued on. One witness said they heard a gunshot and believed it came from the Dodge.

Court documents state that when the officer spoke with the two occupants of the Pontiac — both juveniles — neither would explain what happened other than the man in the Dodge shot at them.

The officer said he found a bullet hole in the Pontiac’s driver-side door that appeared to be fresh.

The driver of the Dodge, identified as 69-year-old Gary B. Randle, traveled about five miles before he was stopped by authorities.

During an interview at the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department, Randle said he was in town from Chicago to help his brother move from Ohio to Indianapolis. Randle claimed as he was headed back to Chicago, he was struck from behind by another vehicle that would not pull over. He said he then followed the vehicle while unsuccessfully attempting to dial 911. Court documents say Randle’s phone showed three incomplete calls in which he tried to dial 911 but entered too many digits.

Randle told authorities that as he was following the vehicle on C.R. 300 N., the vehicle partially went off the right side of the road, hit a sign, fishtailed and then spun out. Randle claimed he decided to pass the vehicle while it was fishtailing and heard what he believed to be three to four gunshots, so he retrieved his weapon from the driver-side door panel and fired one shot out his passenger-side window. Randle said he then continued eastbound until he was intercepted by the police.

When asked if he ever saw anyone in the other vehicle display a weapon, or if at any point he feared for his life, Randle replied no to both questions, per court documents.

Police said they found one spent shell casing still in the cylinder of Randle’s weapon but no additional casings at the scene. Authorities believe Randle fired the only shot.