ANDERSON, Ind. — An Anderson man was arrested earlier this month after he reportedly fondled a minor in April 2020.

According to court documents, 45-year-old Eusebio Xolio Chigo was arrested on Nov. 2 on one count of child molesting, fondling or touching a child under 14, a Level 4 felony. This charge is in relation to an April 2020 incident where Chigo reportedly kissed an 11-year-old in her [chest area].

The minor was with members of her family at Chigo’s home. According to court documents, an adult left the home to get supplies and left the minor, and her siblings, with Chigo. At that time, Chigo reportedly kissed the minor on the neck as the siblings wrestled in the other room. The minor then went to be with her siblings.

Later that day, the minor then returned to where Chigo was located in the home. The documents said that Chigo then pulled up her shirt and kissed her on her bare chest, asking the minor in Spanish “Do you like that?”

As she exited the home, Chigo reportedly offered the minor, as well as her siblings, money. The minor told police that she did not take the money “because she felt as if he was giving them money so they would not tell anybody of what had happened.”

When the other adult returned, the minor told them what had occurred. As this was occurring, Chigo reportedly came outside the home and said in Spanish “I was only trying to hug her,” multiple times.

Later that month, officers came to the home to speak with Chigo. As of May 2020, officials said they had not received any sort of communication from him.

Chigo was then arrested for the incident in November 2023. An initial hearing in this case occurred on Monday in Madison County, according to court documents.