INDIANAPOLIS – A jury convicted a man of murder for beating a man to death with a golf club and asking a witness if they wanted to help hide the body.

Maurice Lillie was found guilty after a two-day trial.

On May 26, 2020, officers found Dustin McClennon’s body behind a gas station in the 2700 block of East 38th Street. Witnesses said Lillie approached McClennon while he was pumping gas and said he believed McClennon “disrespected his wife.”

He told McClennon he was “going to take care of it.”

Shortly after that, Lillie struck McClennon multiple times with a golf club, hitting him in the head and back. He dragged McClennon’s body behind the gas station, approached a witness and said, “Do you want to help hide a dead body?”

At some point, police said Lillie stabbed McClennon, who died from blunt force trauma and stab wounds, according to an autopsy.

Investigators found a bent golf club discarded in a dumpster behind the gas station. They also located a bloody knife in the trunk of a vehicle that had been left at the scene. Police believe the vehicle belonged to Lillie; it also contained other knives.

Police said Lillie admitted he was at the gas station and said he got the golf club from the trunk, dragged McClennon behind the gas station and also removed a knife from his neck.

Sentencing is scheduled for June 15.