CARMEL, Ind. — Neighbors along a more than 2-mile stretch of Westfield Blvd. in Carmel were shocked to wake up and find out multiple shell casings were found all along the street last night.

Carmel Police said officers were first dispatched around 1:35 a.m. Friday to 116th St. and Westfield Blvd. after multiple reports of shots fired in the area. CPD confirmed shortly after 6 p.m. Friday that Nathaniel G. Howell, 22, and Dustin M. Barger, 21, were arrested and charged with criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon.

Booking photo of Nathaniel G. Howell. Provided by Carmel Police Department.

As they arrived, CPD said even more calls were coming in farther down Westfield Blvd. As officers got as far as 96th St. and Westfield Blvd. officers even heard gunshots south on the road heading into Indianapolis.

”Shocked, disbelief,” said Lisa, who lives along Westfield Blvd.

Booking photo of Dustin M. Barger. Provided by Carmel Police Department.

Ben Cronk just moved into his home along Westfield Blvd. He said he didn’t hear the shots last night but was surprised to hear about it Friday morning.

”Somebody shooting guns off Westfield Blvd., in what you think is one of the safest areas in the state, is wild,” Cronk said.

Carmel PD believe someone was firing a gun out of their moving car. “Numerous” bullet casings were found along the boulevard.

”We have kids in these apartments and condos, kids along these streets of Westfield Blvd,” Lisa said. “It’s just disturbing, you don’t want to see anyone hurt by a bullet or random gunfire.”

CPD said there are no reported injuries and no indication of immediate safety concerns.

None of the multiple neighbors we talked to even knew it happened till we told them or they found out online Friday morning.

”I reached out to our neighbor,” Lisa said. “She hadn’t seen anything, or heard anything. The whole situation is alarming and upsetting.”

Carmel Police tweeted at 4 a.m. saying Westfield Blvd. from 116th St. to 96th St., just more than a 2-mile span, was closed down for an investigation. But no mention was made of the numerous shell casings found along the street.

IMPD also confirmed officers found shell casings on the Indianapolis side of Westfield Blvd.

”It’s such a random event to happen,” Cronk said. “It’s threatening and I would like to know more about who it was and why someone would do that.”

The Public Information Officer with Carmel Police said he wasn’t available today for an interviw.

Over email, FOX59/CBS4 followed up with questions about property damage, number of shell casings, suspect vehicle description and if there is any video of what happened. The Lt. responded saying investigation is continuing so he doesn’t have a lot to share.

The neighbors we talked to are also curious about more information.

”I understand they cant give us all the information, but it would be nice to know are we looking for a specific car?” Lisa asked.

”And where are the bullets, you know?” Cronk asked. “How many were fired off?”

Carmel PD is asking anyone who might have heard or seen anything Friday morning along Westfield Blvd. to come forward.