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INDIANAPOLIS — A 22-year-old man is dead following a shooting Monday night at a troubled apartment complex on Indy’s near northeast side.

Officers with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said they believe a small disturbance just before 9 p.m. Monday ended with a barrage of gunfire.

“Nobody was doing anything,” one anonymous female resident said. “It was so random.”

That neighbor, who asked not to be identified, said she does not understand why someone killed 22-year-old Gregory Stewart.

Family provided photo of Gregory Stewart

“It’s like a third-world country. They shoot for nothing,” she said. “They shoot cause it’s Tuesday.”

The deadly shooting on the sidewalk outside a building on Brouse Avenue marks the fourth homicide in less than two years at the Blackburn Terrace complex, which is managed by the Indianapolis Housing Agency.

“We need to have people stop shooting each other,” said IMPD Captain Don Weilhammer. “It’s getting ridiculous in our city and it’s because people don’t want to talk things out.”

That plea from police overnight came almost exactly one year after Eric Buchanan died last July following another shooting on Brouse Avenue.

In November 2020, 16-year-old Jamarion Bledsoe and 18-year-old Jonathan Ramirez were killed on the same street.

“I feel like we are forgotten about here,” said the neighbor. “We feel like sitting ducks because the police can only do so much.”

A FOX59 crew went to the leasing office to see if we could get a response to concerns and found the front of the building boarded up. Managers said the building was damaged when a car ran into the property and that there was no one inside to answer the neighbor’s complaints. IHA did however send a statement.

IHA is a microcosm of the city and the nation. Gangs and gun violence are out of control. In spite of the agency’s dire financial condition, we spent nearly $500,000 for security and safety staffing last year and still employ those services.

Statement from an IHA manager

Unfortunately, the manager admitted when the safety team tried to recover video of the shooting from their leasing office the DVR was inoperable.

“I just hope IHA gets it together,” said the witness. “This is my home. It might not be much, but I want it to be safe.”

All four homicides officially remain unsolved, according to IMPD. Anyone with information about Monday’s shooting is being asked to contact Detective Gary Smith at the IMPD Homicide Office at (317) 327-3475 or e-mail him at

Stewart’s family set up a GoFundMe account to help raise expenses following the killing. The link can be found here: