INDIANAPOLIS – Court records claim a domestic dispute this week on Indy’s northeast led to a woman being killed by accident.

The shooting took place Tuesday night at 40th and Emerson. Police were called and found a woman was shot inside a car.

The victim, identified as Maxine Congress, died after being rushed to the hospital. Court records now claim the victim was not the intended target.

“She lost her life over something that had nothing to do with her,” said the victim’s mother Latoria Harmon.

Family approved photo of Maxine Congress

Maxine’s mother echoed the story from the affidavit, which claims Frederic Pipes intended to shoot his ex-girlfriend who was driving Maxine’s car, but the bullet hit Maxine by mistake.

“My baby was innocent. She had absolutely nothing to do with what was going on,” said Harmon.

The court records also claim the suspect’s ex-girlfriend admitted she planned to meet the suspect’s current girlfriend for a fight before backing out of that plan.

Pipes then allegedly spotted his ex-girlfriend driving near 40th and Emerson when he got out of a car with two small children inside and opened fire at his ex-girlfriend but killed Maxine instead.

Booking photo of Frederic Pipes

“You know this issue of domestic violence isn’t just victims or survivors. It’s an issue for everyone and can impact everyone,” said Danyette Smith with Indy Champions.

Danyette Smith, the city’s domestic violence awareness advocate, said the case illustrates that victims of domestic violence are not limited to just intimate partners.

“Unfortunately those killers aren’t thinking about who is around. Those shooters aren’t thinking about who will be hit if they shoot the gun,” said Smith.

Maxine’s death marks the second time in less than a month where a seemingly innocent woman was shot and killed in Indy.

In early October another woman was shot to death outside the Rural Inn on Michigan.  Police said Sabrina Travis was hit by a stray bullet walking down the sidewalk in that case.

Prosecutors charged Ronnie Smith with murder after they claim he fired shots at his girlfriend’s car but hit Travis by mistake.

“Indianapolis has lost the grip. We’re losing too many of our kids and nothing is being done,” said Harmon. “Indianapolis is no longer safe.”

As for Pipes, after his arrest police claimed he blamed his current girlfriend for the killing, but multiple witnesses identified Pipes as the shooter.

Maxine’s mother has known the suspect for years and is still struggling to make sense of the violence.

“His sisters are my God kids. How could you do this to me?” said Harmon.

Harmon set up a GoFundMe to raise money for her daughter’s funeral.

Pipes is being held without bond on a preliminary charge of murder.