MUNCIE, Ind. – A man was charged after reportedly selling heroin in a “controlled buy” to the Delaware County Drug Task Force.

Police said they conducted the deal at 26-year-old Marcus T. Brown’s Muncie home.

On Aug. 29, a search warrant was granted and police worked with a “confidential informant” to buy the drugs. Police searched the CI’s vehicle and confirmed no weapons, drugs or money was in the car.

Court documents said $80 was provided to the CI to make the deal and the money was photographed. The CI was also given an electronic recording device.

The CI completed the deal by going to Brown’s home on West Memorial Drive. They were under surveillance by the task force throughout the deal.

Police said the CI brought back a paper bindle, which is common packaging for narcotics. The evidence was photographed, and 1.2 grams of suspected heroin or fentanyl was obtained.

Another buy was arranged at Brown’s address on Sept. 26. The CI was given $80 once again to purchase approximately 1 gram of heroin.

Marcus Brown, Jr. booking photo (Delaware County Jail)

Investigators monitored the transaction while the CI interacted with Brown at the home. Brown reportedly gave the CI a baggie filled with a peach-colored substance.

Police said the substance was also consistent with approximately 1.1 grams of heroin and/or fentanyl.

A search warrant was served at Brown’s home on Sept. 27. After officers saw Brown leave, a traffic stop was conducted. He was taken into custody following the stop.

Court records showed police found two cellphones and money in Brown’s wallet. $80 of the CI’s buy money was also located.

In the home, police found digital scales, 16.8 grams of cocaine and 77.4 grams of marijuana.

Brown admitted to selling marijuana for over a year but denied selling any other controlled substances. He added that there was cocaine on the nightstand in his room.

He was preliminarily charged with dealing cocaine, Level 2 Felony; two counts of dealing cocaine or narcotic drug, Level 4 Felony; and maintaining a common nuisance, Level 6 Felony.

An initial hearing hasn’t been scheduled.