MUNCIE, Ind. – The investigation into a Muncie homicide led police to arrest a man accused of dealing and possessing drugs.

According to court documents, police spotted a white Toyota Tacoma with Florida plates near a home on East 10th Street where 29-year-old Tristan Twilley had been found shot to death on Wednesday, March 15. An officer conducting surveillance on the truck saw it parked on West 13th Street the next day.

The driver, 21-year-old Dayton Abram, got out of the vehicle, entered a home on West 13th Street and got back into the truck. A patrol car stopped Abram on West 8th Street; once stopped, Abram “immediately exited the car without being asked,” according to court documents.

During a search of the truck, police found what appeared to be marijuana along with more than 1,500 pills of counterfeit Oxycodone, a handgun and a bag containing more than $8,700 in cash.

Abram was carrying more pills, including counterfeit Oxycodone and other pain medications, police said. He was arrested on multiple preliminary charges, including dealing in a narcotic drug, possession of a narcotic drug and possession of a controlled substance.

Abram consented to a DNA swab, police said, and “spoke about the homicide that recently occurred with his friend,” according to court documents. He was not facing charges in connection with Twilley’s death.

Abram was booked into the Delaware County Jail and was released on bond around 9 p.m. Thursday, according to jail records.