MUNCIE, Ind. – A pair of Muncie parents are being charged after reportedly dropping their 5-month-old infant and waiting nearly four days to seek medical treatment.

On Sept. 5 police were called to Ball Memorial Hospital in reference to an infant with a broken femur and bruise on her forehead.

Indiana Department of Child Services were on the scene with the child and her parents identified as 22-year-old Katie Lernae Foster and 21-year-old Austin Taylor Roser.

Court documents explained that detectives were advised by medical staff that the injuries to the child were more severe than initially believed. The infant had a fractured skull and a severe break to her left femur, requiring surgery.

Austin Taylor Roser booking photo (Delaware County)

Roser’s original statement was that the child “fell off a bed onto a carpeted surface” on Sept. 1 overnight. He said nothing else could’ve caused the injuries.

However medical staff was confident that Roser’s original description didn’t match the child’s injuries.

Detectives said they questioned the child’s mother (Foster) about why she didn’t seek medical attention after seeing the 5-month-old’s “facial injuries.” Foster admitted that she knew the girl was injured on Sept.1 but was afraid “DCS could remove the child from her custody.”

Katie Lernae Foster booking photo (Delaware County)

Foster didn’t seek medical care until Sept. 5 and only did so after being told by DCS employees. After explaining the big concern for the potential damage to the child, Foster told police she understood why this was a problem and why she was being arrested.

The probable cause said officers once again asked Roser what happened after explaining that his previous statement didn’t line up with the injuries sustained.

Roser then admitted that while holding the infant, he tripped over his dogs and dropped the girl in the kitchen. Roser added that he tried to catch her by her leg and that he thought he grabbed her “right leg.”

Police said that Roser then admitted the 5-month-old “struck her face on the kitchen floor.” He said he noticed the infant’s facial bruises the next day.

Roser also told police he was “scared,” which was why he failed to seek medical treatment.

Due to past knowledge of drug use, investigators questioned Roser about any usage on Friday, Sept. 1. Roser admitted to doing “two lines” of meth that afternoon and smoking marijuana later in the evening.

He added that he probably was “not sober” when he tripped and dropped the infant.

Both Foster and Roser were preliminarily charged with neglect of a dependent causing serious bodily injury, Level 3 Felony.

No initial court hearing has been set.