KENNARD, Ind. — A Henry County man is accused of punching, kicking and attempting to light a woman’s vehicle on fire after she refused to give him a ride into New Castle.

Jordan Weston, 30, of Kennard was arrested on Tuesday and faces one felony count of attempted arson along with multiple misdemeanor charges including battery and criminal mischief.

According to a police report, police were called out to the woman’s home on S. Main Street in Kennard a little after 4 p.m. on Tuesday. The woman told police that Weston had gone beserk after she refused to give him a ride to his uncle’s house in New Castle.

The woman told police she had been drinking and told Weston she wouldn’t drive him until she sobered up.

Weston allegedly became very upset and started shouting at the woman before then attacking her vehicle. He is accused of kicking the vehicle and punching off the side mirror. He also reportedly climbed on the vehicle and beat on the windshield.

The woman told police she called 911 after Weston took a piece of rope and stuck it in the vehicle’s gas cap and attempted to set it on fire. According to the police report, the woman led the officer to the side of the vehicle where the gas cap was unscrewed and a burnt piece of rope was laying on the ground.

While on the phone with 911, Weston is accused of grabbing the woman by her shirt and dragging her off the porch along with shoving her. Police noted red marks on her upper chest as a result of the accused battery.

Police reported that while searching Weston an officer uncovered a glass pipe with burnt residue inside of it being stored in his jacket pocket. The pipe was sent to a lab for testing.