INDIANAPOLIS — Court documents reveal that a man caused more than $60,000 worth of damage by running around a senior living facility on Indy’s west side slashing car tires, smashing windshields and throwing bricks through condo windows.

Bradley J. Jones, 35, was arrested on Sunday and taken to the Marion County Jail where he is being held on 34 criminal counts. Jones’ most serious charge is a Level 6 felony charge of criminal recklessness, his remaining 33 counts being criminal mischief as a misdemeanor.

According to court documents, Jones damaged more than 57 vehicles along with multiple residents in the area of NeighborCare of Chapel Hill, an independent senior living neighborhood on Indy’s west side.

Police were called to the area on Sunday after numerous people reported a man crouching next to parked vehicles. One caller told police he confronted the man, later identified as Jones, who was deflating tires. The caller told Jones he was going to call the police.

“Call them,” Jones reportedly said back.

In addition to stabbing and deflating tires, police reported finding vehicles with smashed windshields. When police officers found Jones, he reportedly was holding two large stones.

Jones tried to hide behind an electrical relay utility box, according to court documents, but gave himself up and told police he “did not want to get shot” and “did not want to get tased today.”

In addition to 57 damaged vehicles, police said three homes were vandalized. At one of the homes, a woman told police she was working at her art desk when bricks came flying through her windows. The woman suffered cuts on her hand due to the shattered glass.

Another resident told police he caught Jones breaking a large flower pot on his front lawn. When he asked Jones why he was causing such damage, Jones reported told the resident “we’re under attack” before he ran off.

Police said a switchblade knife was found in Jones’ pocket at the time of his arrest. Jones was also said to be sweating a great deal and his hair “noticeably wet.”