INDIANAPOLIS – Court records show a 17-year-old is now being charged as an adult in the murder case involving the deadly shooting of his cousin.

Shamoreion Moore was charged with murder and dangerous possession of a firearm by a child in an Aug. 14 filing.

Indianapolis Metropolitan police were called to Kildare Avenue just before 4:30 p.m. for a person shot. Officers arrived and found 26-year-old Askari Lamont Moore unresponsive and suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

The elder Moore was later pronounced dead on the scene.

Moore’s grandmother told police that her other grandson, Shamoreion Moore, shot his cousin, the “elder Moore.”

IMPD said the younger Moore was arrested later around 5:30 p.m. after he called 911 and told dispatch that he “shot his cousin” and was “turning himself in.” The younger Moore was taken to the Homicide Office but didn’t have a firearm in his possession. Further attempts to locate the weapon were also unsuccessful.

Investigators found four 9mm shell casings and a towel at the scene where the elder Moore was found dead.

Court documents stated both cousins were staying at their grandmother’s home. Before the shooting, both were arguing before the younger Moore went to take a shower and the grandmother left for the store.

Police said when the grandmother returned home, the younger Moore called her while she was still in the car but she didn’t answer. After going inside, both cousins were arguing once again, but the 17-year-old Moore had a gun in his right hand.

The grandmother said she tried to intervene but the cousins went outside and continued to argue. The woman added that she saw the two bump into each other twice then Shamoreion Moore shot his elder cousin once in the driveway.

After his cousin fell to the ground, the juvenile shot him three more times, according to court documents.

Police said after the shooting, the grandmother called 911 and her juvenile grandson took off. She added that she was the custodial guardian of the 17-year-old.

The family requested an attorney for Shamoreion Moore since he was 17 and still considered a juvenile. When officers found him, he was wearing jeans and blue-and-white Nike basketball shoes with blood on them. He was also in possession of an iPhone.

An autopsy of Askari Moore found he died after suffering multiple gunshot wounds to the chest. Four fired bullets were recovered.

The 17-year-old Moore was officially charged with murder. He also faces a misdemeanor count of dangerous possession of a firearm by a child.

An initial hearing is set for Aug. 15, with a jury trial scheduled for Oct. 23.