INDIANAPOLIS — A greater than standard bond and GPS monitoring are being requested for an Indianapolis firefighter who was arrested last week on charges that include domestic battery and kidnapping.

Private Nathaniel Waldroup, 28, was arrested at an Indianapolis Fire Department station last Tuesday, for charges related to an off-duty incident.

According a probable cause affidavit filed in Marion County, on June 17, Waldroup and his girlfriend had gotten into an argument over some text messages on her phone. He then smashed her phone on the ground.

His girlfriend later told police that this had not been the first time in their relationship where he damaged her property.

Three days later on June 20, Waldroup contacted her again and apologized, then said he wanted to have “a good day” and went to her home to pick her up. However, once there another argument allegedly ensued over him wanting her to clean his house since guests were coming over.

After he calmed down, she did go to his home. While there, he told her she did not communicate well with him. When she started to smile and laugh at the remark, police said Waldroup hit her.

When she tried to get up, court documents read Waldroup pinned her down and at one point grabbed her neck with one hand and squeezed it to the point she said she could not breathe.

Investigators were told she was not able to get him to release her until she bit him in the chest and on the arm.

As she tried to get away, Waldroup slammed her on a bed multiple times with her head hitting a window. She was also thrown to the floor when trying to get out of the bedroom. All of this caused her to suffer scratches and bruising.

His girlfriend at one point grabbed her dog and tried to run to a neighbor’s home, but before she knocked, Waldroup said he would take her home at around 7 p.m.

While driving, Waldroup again started hitting his girlfriend, according to court documents. She told police she tried several times to get out to find help, but the doors and windows were locked.

After about two hours of driving, they pulled into the Mug-N-Bun. She again tried to get help, even yelling from Waldroup’s vehicle, but nobody heard her.

They left again and she told investigators he continued to slap her and threatened to hurt her dog if she moved to the backseat.

At one point they drove down a dead-end alley next to a field. Waldroup threatened to kill them both and stopped the car, then pointed at the field where he said he would kill her. He then started laughing at her and said “I can’t believe you would think that I would do that.”

He finally took her back home around 10 p.m. and left her. About an hour later he returned and got upset again and began throwing things.

During this time, since her phone was broken, his girlfriend used a computer to send messages to a neighbor to call police and that Waldroup was in her home.

Waldroup tried to bargain with her, and said he would never bother her again if she did not ruin his life. She took that to mean if she didn’t press charges, he would leave her alone.

While scared, she did return to his home with him before police arrived. They met with the neighbor and checked out the girlfriend’s home, which had been left unlocked and the lights on.

She spent the night at Waldroup’s and returned to her home the next day, June 21. That afternoon, court documents show the neighbor dropped by and found her with fresh bruises on her arms, neck and legs. The police were then called.

After Waldroup’s arrest, the Marion County Prosectutor’s office filed a motion to increase the bond and have him placed on GPS monitoring due to the risk of physical safety of his girlfriend.

Waldroup has been an active firefighter with IFD and has served the department for two years. He is currently on leave without pay.