RIDGEVILLE, Ind. – Reports leading back decades have led to a man from Randolph County being charged with the neglect of a dependent.

According to court documents, Carl Austin Sr. gave his son illegal drugs oxycodone, cannabinoids and benzodiazepine, brought him to the hospital without changing his Depend diapers for days which was suspected because of discovered sores and left his son in the hospital without even bothering to pick him up.

Documents state Austin’s 33-year-old disabled son has never lived on his own and does not have the capacity to receive illegal drugs or care for himself in any regard.

As his son’s primary caretaker and guardian, Austin is being charged with the Neglect of a Dependent, which is a Level 6 Felony.

Austin reportedly has had his own myriad of health problems including cancer, a heart valve replacement surgery and having once driven himself to the emergency room to check into a stress center. His son was diagnosed by a mental health professional in August 2012 as severely mentally handicapped with behavioral issues.

An investigator for Adult Protective Services (APS) said that he received multiple reports that claim Austin is, “incapable of dealing with the stress and demands that are required with caring for his son.”

Although approved for Waiver Services, Austin has refused the services provided by APS after multiple attempts. Austin stated that he, “planned to move to Georgia to get away from the intrusions APS are constantly bothering him with,” according to the court documents.

Austin has reportedly blamed medicine, doctors and police for issues, but has repeatedly refused help from programs which has led to his arrest and being charged with the Neglect of a Dependent.