INDIANAPOLIS — A former Hamilton County deputy prosecutor was fired after state troopers found him in a hotel room in Indianapolis with a woman he allegedly propositioned for sex.

According to court documents, Indiana State Police troopers were staking out a Red Roof Inn located in the 8000 block of Shadeland Avenue on July 20 due to investigators suspecting that activity at a motel room was tied to prostitution and sex trafficking.

Troopers reported watching as a man would leave the motel room and sit in a parked car in the parking lot while a woman would remain in the room with the door propped open. Troopers stated that individuals would arrive at the motel, walk into the room where the woman was and then leave 3-10 minutes later. Troopers reported witnessing five or six individuals visit the room in a time frame of an hour or less.

According to court documents, after documenting this activity troopers waited until another individual arrived and then walked up to the motel room and knocked. Troopers reported finding a 24-year-old woman inside the motel room along with a 25-year-old man who appeared hastily dressed.

Police later identified the man as Adil Shah. The Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office confirmed Shah was a deputy prosecutor for the Carmel City Court at the time of his arrest.

Booking photo of Adil Shah

According to the court documents, the woman told police that Shah had paid her $200 to have sex with her. The woman claimed she met men online and agreed to give them massages or sexual favors for money.

Shah reportedly told police he only paid women to “cuddle him.”

Court documents reveal that troopers noted the motel room had many signs of prostitution and sex trafficking, including sex lube, condoms and a drawer full of lose $20 bills.

The woman, whom police said didn’t speak English, claimed the man who sat outside in the car was her boyfriend and didn’t know she was having sex with men for money.

Police noted the woman could be a victim of sex trafficking, despite her claims of being in the motel room on her own free will and telling officers she was in an “open relationship” with her boyfriend.

Police noted finding $11,000 in cash in the boyfriend’s vehicle parked outside the motel. The woman at first claimed it was her money, then later changed her story saying it was her boyfriend’s money. Police also said the woman told officers she had been in Indiana for four days and made $2,000.

Court documents estimated the cash found inside the motel room to value around $3,200.

Police spoke with the alleged boyfriend who claimed despite seeing men come and go from the motel room, and despite the visible lube and condoms inside the room, he did not know they were having sex. He told police he thought she gained the money through massages.

Police took both Shah and the woman into custody.

Shah was charged with making an unlawful proposition, a Class A misdemeanor. The Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office confirmed Shah was terminated from his position as deputy chief after his arrest.

Records do not indicate if charges were filed against the woman.