GREENFIELD, Ind. – A broken headlight led police to arrest a man accused of having psychedelic mushrooms and cocaine in his SUV.

Rusty T. Wilson, 35, faces felony charges of dealing in cocaine and possession of cocaine, according to court records. He’s also charged with a misdemeanor count of possession of a controlled substance.

According to court documents, a Greenfield police officer on patrol on Feb. 5 noticed a black Chevrolet Equinox make a turn with an inoperable headlight. The officer followed the vehicle and noticed it had an obstructed, unreadable license plate before initiating a traffic stop.

Wilson was the driver and sole occupant of the vehicle, police said. The SUV had a temporary Ohio license plate that expired in September 2022.

The officer noticed a large bag of what appeared to be psychedelic mushrooms located behind the driver’s seat. The officer wrote that Wilson “appeared to be confused” by the fact that he was in possession of the mushrooms. When asked if he had a gun, Wilson did not provide the officer with a “definitive answer,” according to court documents, although he told the officer he had cocaine in the center console.

Wilson claimed the cocaine didn’t belong to him and later said he was taking it to someone in Shelbyville. He told police someone asked him if he would hold onto the cocaine and drop it off. The individual was “strictly going to pick it up and leave,” Wilson said, claiming he wouldn’t receive anything in exchange for it.

The officer had Wilson get out of the vehicle and conducted a search. In addition to the mushrooms, the officer found a small plastic bag on the driver’s side floorboard filled with a powdery substance that appeared to be cocaine.

The substance field tested positive for the drug, police said. The officer found multiple bags of a similar substance in the center console, along with a Crown Royal satchel filled with small plastic bags and a digital scale.

The search also turned up a Ruger handgun, according to court documents.

Wilson had his initial hearing on Feb. 9, according to court records. He’s next due in court on March 16.