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INDIANAPOLIS — Dozens of shots were fired at an east side party this weekend, resulting in a chaotic scene that left at least five people with gunshot wounds.

One woman is likely paralyzed, while another is in critical condition. Another woman suffered a graze wound while a fourth ended up with a “through and through gunshot wound to the left buttocks,” according to court documents.

Police arrested a fifth person involved in the shooting, identifying her as 19-year-old Raniya Lee. She suffered a graze wound to the left hip, according to court documents, and was arrested on a preliminary charge of attempted murder.

Raniya Lee

Cell phone video showed the chaotic scene that erupted when gunshots echoed through Warren Harbor Apartments in the 9000 block of Sussex Terrace early Sunday morning. According to police, at least 40 gunshots were fired during the incident. Indianapolis Metropolitan police were dispatched around 1:20 a.m.

Cell phone video showed two women arguing before a woman with red hair pulled out a gun and pointed it at them, according to court documents. A muzzle flash was visible from the woman’s gun, followed by multiple gunshots.

“When I came out it was madness,” said neighbor Juwan Thomas.

After the gunfire stopped, Juwan Thomas went outside to check on the victims.

“One of the women was face down and the other girl was on her back sprawled out,” said Thomas.  “She really wasn’t talking until the ambulance got here.  She was really in shock.”

Still image of a woman in a jean jacket shooting at two women on the ground

The impact of the shooting was evident at the apartment complex. Bullet holes were visible in vehicles and an apartment window. Shoes and debris were also strewn about. Police found numerous handgun and rifle shell casings at the scene.

One shooting victim was taken to Eskenazi Hospital in critical condition while a second was taken to IU Health Methodist Hospital. Police were unable to take a statement from either victim because they were rushed into surgery. The Eskenazi patient is believed to be paralyzed, according to investigators.

Others who’d been shot were walk-ins at Community Hospital. One victim’s mother had taken her to the hospital. The woman said she was at a party when gunfire broke out; she was hit while trying to run away and shot in the left buttocks.

A second walk-in victim said she’d suffered a graze wound to the left hip. She told police she was walking outside when she heard gunfire and had gotten hit. She claimed she’d jumped into a “random vehicle” driven by a woman who’d given her a ride home. The woman said the driver was Lee, according to court documents.

Lee arrived at Community East around 2:20 a.m. after a man drove her there. Investigators noted she had red hair that matched the description of the woman seen in the video. Police found a rifle with a drum magazine “in plain view” in the backseat of her vehicle, according to court documents.

Because Lee matched the description of the woman in the video, police took her in for questioning after she was medically cleared.

Lee told investigators she’d been shot on the west side and a friend had driven her to Community East because it was the only hospital he knew, even though other hospitals would have been closer. Police didn’t buy the story.

Lee told police she owned a handgun but denied she’d fired it within the last six hours. She also told investigators she didn’t know what kind of handgun she owned. She also told police she wasn’t on the east side and “did not go to parties.”

After her arrest, Lee was heard saying in body camera footage, “You ain’t got my guns, you ain’t got nothing’.”

“Looking at the video you see her pointing the firearm at the victim and was fairly close in range and shot them,” said attorney Marion Massillamany.

Attorney Massillamany watched the video of the shooting and said if Lee is the woman in the video, her actions do seem to show an intent to kill.

Neighbors are also upset the apartment complex didn’t provide better security to break up the disturbance before it turned violent.

“I wish the apartments would do more and have more help out here for us,” said Thomas. “It’s very frustrating for me and all the tenants that live in this apartment.”

Lee was transported to the Criminal Justice Complex. The shooting remains under investigation.

Prosecutors have asked for a 72-hour continuance to file formal charges. In the meantime, Lee is being held on a $200,000 bond.

Reporter Jesse Wells contributed to this article.