INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis man is behind bars accused of stabbing a woman to death at a downtown park.

According to court records, witnesses claim the suspect was seen taking pictures of the victim on his phone. That led to an argument over the phone, which ended with the victim being stabbed in the neck in University Park on Thursday.

Taylor George, age 24, died less than a half hour later.

“She just got her first job. She just got her first apartment. She was just starting life, and it got taken from her,” said the victim’s mother, Lisa Mallory.

Family approved picture of Taylor George

Mallory said her daughter had volunteered to help feed the homeless at the park, but the deadly dispute centered around the suspect taking pictures with his phone. After the stabbing, the suspect ran away on foot while being chased by three men.

Undercover officers arrested the accused killer, 43-year-old Agripino Rivera, near his home on 25th Street Sunday.

According to the affidavit, Rivera told police he didn’t remember stabbing anyone and had never seen the victim before, but he admitted he was at the park and pulled out a knife during a fight over his phone.

“This violence needs to stop. Indianapolis needs to come together. There’s too many babies dying. We as parents shouldn’t have to bury our children,” said Mallory.

Court records also show in August and October of last year, Rivera was arrested twice for threatening to stab two other women in and around downtown. In both of those cases, prosecutors declined to file criminal recklessness charges.

“I feel the justice system failed. They should have considered this man did this multiple times, and he needed to be behind bars, and maybe my daughter would still be here,” said Mallory.

The prosecutor’s office declined to comment on the previous cases but noted both investigations by law enforcement were hindered by cooperation issues.

Following Taylor’s death, multiple witnesses cooperated and helped identify the murder suspect.

Lisa wishes other victims of violence got that same assistance.

“I can’t even imagine what all these other mothers are going through that don’t have justice for their children because it hurts ,” said Mallory.

The suspect is being held without bond at the Marion County Jail. He’s due in court for an initial hearing later this week.