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INDIANAPOLIS — Construction workers got quite a surprise Tuesday when a toddler was dropped off at their job site near Speedway.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said a child was inside of a red pickup truck Tuesday morning when it was stolen from a gas station parking lot.

The toddler is now back with his mother, partially thanks to construction workers acting quickly to take care of the child and call police.

“I was like, ‘Somebody just dropped their baby off,'” said Trevor Furr, an electrician at the work site where the toddler was left.

Furr said they looked around when they heard tires screeching.

“This guy went peeling out of here, burned tires and everything,” he said. “So that made us turn around and we just kind of stopped and contemplated for a second like what is going on?”

In the dust left from the truck peeling out was a child left on the steps to the trailer at the front of the construction site.

IMPD said this is what police and the family had been hoping for. Police said the child’s mother was inside a Shell gas station on the corner of 34th St. and Emerson Ave. When she came out, she found her 2006 red Nissan pickup, with her 2-year-old inside, was gone.

”This is the worst nightmare to any parent that is out here,” said IMPD Sgt. Genae Cook.

The search for the child began immediately and ended when IMPD said a community member called in that they had found the baby.

“They saw a truck that was similar just happen to drop this child off at a random place on the west side,” Cook said.

The “random place on the westside” was a hotel construction site in 2600 block of High School Rd., just where Indy meets Speedway. That is on the opposite side of town from where the child was taken, a 25-minute drive in between the two locations.

”It kind of gives you an idea how fast vehicles can travel from one side of the city to the other,” Cook said.

Furr said a group of the workers came together to take care of the toddler.

”You could tell the kid was frightened, but he wasn’t crying,” he said. “He was looking at all of us as we were looking at him like, ‘What is going on here?'”

Furr tried to help the 2-year-old by distracting him.

”I went to my truck, and I got him a little toy because I have a son his age too, and I gave him the toy hopefully to keep him a little calm,” Trevor said.

The group also gave the child some water to drink while they waited for police to arrive.

”Most of us in this building are all dads, and we all wanted to make sure he was comforted,” Trevor said.

Police responded quickly and safely reunited toddler with his very relieved mother, making for an unforgettable day on the job.

“This one goes down in the books for sure,” said Furr.

Tuesday evening, IMPD was able to find the 2006 red Nissan pickup truck and take a suspect they believe to be connected to the kidnapping and stolen truck into custody.

IMPD asks that anyone who has any information about this incident to contact missing persons detectives at 317-327-6160 or