BROWNSBURG, Ind. – After a game store in Brownsburg was robbed early Friday morning, the community is stepping in to help.

“Some of our most valuable Magic: The Gathering game cards were stolen,” said Jessie Kahlo, co-owner of Valkyrie’s Vault.

The entire incident was caught on camera. Surveillance video shows the thief running into the store, stuffing the cards in what looks to be a pizza bag, and and taking off.

Brownsburg Police say the person took around 1,600 cards valued at $15,000. Kahlo said that is about 5 binders full of cards.

“It was clearly someone who had been in and knew exactly how we had our inventory stored,” said Kahlo 

Still image of the thief/Valkyrie’s Vault

The co-owner said the thief broke a lock on a side door to get into the building.

“We definitely learned our weaknesses and implementing changes,” said Kahlo.  

The owners are humbled by the community response to help.

“I even had a young kid, who was seven, who brought me his own collection of Pokémon cards, including his favorite tattered Pokémon card, so that is going into my office,” said Kahlo.

Another young customer even donated money from her birthday party that was hosted at the store over the weekend.

“I knew the way that we are connected to our customers, they would want to come in and see me and Chase, so we stayed here all weekend,” said Kahlo.

The store will close a few hours early for the remainder of the week. 

“I am starting the process of holding a raffle,” said Kahlo.

“We have other game stores and small businesses around us donate products and services that we are going to raffle here in-store and online on our Discord.”

Store owners said there are a few leads in the case. If you know anything you are asked to contact Brownsburg Police.