COLUMBUS, Ind. — A Columbus woman mailed $10,000 in cash to an out-of-state address after a scammer called and claimed her son was in jail, the Columbus Police Department announced Monday.

CPD said detectives are currently investigating several fraud cases in which the victim is urged to send a large sum of cash to get a family member out of jail.

In this scenario, the woman was told that her son was injured in a car accident and later arrested. The caller insisted the money was needed to bond her son out of jail and keep the story out of the newspaper. The family later verified that the son had not been arrested, and officers worked with the mail company to stop the package and have the money returned to the family, police said.

“In many of the cases, the suspects are very convincing and will often use high pressure tactics to appeal to the victim’s emotions,” CPD said in a release. “Please do not send currency, gift cards, checks, or other valuables to unknown persons. Always verify the alleged information being presented to you.”

Columbus residents can call the police department at 812-376-2600 with questions regarding the legitimacy of an unknown person asking for money or other valuables.