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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– The Marion County Prosecutor’s office said murder charges were dismissed this week against two men arrested last month in connection with the fatal shootings of two people, including a mother of five.

Michael Edwards and Kenneth Jones were accused of killing Tamara Sword, 32, and Joshua Riggins, 28, outside of a club near 38th Street and Lafatette Road in August 2015. Sword’s father is a well-known anti-violence activist in Chicago.

Court papers indicate that crime scene techs found 44 casings at the scene.

Sword was shot at a gas station outside the club. Police believe Riggins ducked in front of a car, and the car rolled over him. He died at the scene.

A witness talked to police in March. Detectives believe that witness and his rapper friend were intended targets, and he told police he kept quiet because he and his buddy wanted to retaliate themselves.

Prosecutors say problems with evidence led to the case’s dismissal.