GREENFIELD, Ind. — Greenfield police are asking for community help after a gun, car and more were stolen from a Greenfield neighborhood Tuesday night.

Police said they’re hoping neighbors in the Oak Commons and Oak Highlands neighborhoods can check doorbell and other security cameras for suspicious people walking around from midnight to 1:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Greenfield Deputy Police Chief Chuck McMichael said the investigation started when a stolen car crashed into a work truck in the 400 block of E Main St. after 1 a.m. Wednesday.

”He did hit it with a pretty good amount of force,” McMichael said. “The car that he stole is probably totaled.”

From there, McMichael said a witness called and told police the driver left the scene. Police were able to track down the driver and arrest him after he ran from police.

McMichael said the suspect is 18-year-old Kingsley Chamberlin from Indianapolis. He has now been charged with vehicle theft, resisting law enforcement, leaving the scene of property damage and operating a vehicle without ever receiving a license.

Investigators figured out the car was stolen and tracked down the owner. This led police to several other cars that looked like they had been rummaged through.

”There were some open doors and lights on in vehicles,” said McMichaels.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Greenfield police have already had reports of stolen gun on Evergreen Drive and said cars had also been gone through on nearby Cypress Drive and Redwood Drive.

”More often times than not, these folks are just walking up and down streets, walking up driveways where they see cars and flipping door handles until they find one that’s open,” McMichael said.

Ashley Schetzsle started her day finding out someone had gone through her car.

”I woke up this morning at 7:45 with a cop and a detective at my door,” Schetzsle said. “They just said that their night shift had arrested someone with our debit cards on them.”

Greenfield police believe there are multiple suspects involved.

”Typically, with these kinds of crimes we see groups of two or more,” McMichael said. “They tag team and help look out for each other.”

Police are asking anyone in the Oak Commons and Oak Highlands neighborhoods to check their security cameras.

“People in those areas that have Ring doorbells, Nest doorbell cameras, those kind of things,” he said. “That can help us identify, one, put this person in this area and two, help identify anybody he might have been working with.”

If you have video that could help with this investigation police ask you call the dispatch center at (317) 477-4400 or send the video to