BEECH GROVE, ind. — Two men are in the hospital after being shot outside a sports bar in Beech Grove.

Around 3:15 in the morning, more than a dozen gunshots startled neighbors along Main Street in Beech Grove.

“It sounded like a war zone,” said neighbor Jan Thivo. “It was very scary. I was terrified.”

Police said two men were found shot near a mini-van in the Silver Bullet Sports Bar parking lot. Both victims were taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Employees at the Silver Bullet said they closed at 3 in the morning as usual and were also surprised by the gunfire in their parking lot.

Police still don’t know exactly what sparked the shooting, because they say they didn’t get much assistance from witnesses.

“When violence finds us, it always hurts us. Obviously, I’m not very happy about it,” said Beech Grove Mayor Dennis Buckley.

Investigators did find more than a dozen shell casings from two different guns. That led police to believe there may have been two suspects or an exchange of gunfire.

Employees at the bar said it was an average night inside the business, until they heard gun shots in the parking lot.

Mayor Buckley points out last June another man was also shot outside the Silver Bullet. The mayor now thinks the bar should be shut down.

“I recommended he close this bar and they don’t have to do this, but if they’re not willing to do it, then beginning today I will start the process to do it for them,” said Buckley.

The mayor said he will take his concerns to the Alcohol and Beverage Commission. He could also try to declare the business a nuisance.

“This bar is no different than other bar on Main street. If we had this at any other bar, and we don’t, then I would do the same thing because we shouldn’t tolerate this as a city,” said Buckley.

“I’d like to see them close, if they’re not going to add security in the parking lot, because that’s where all the problems are, in the parking lot,” said Thivo.

“If we can’t control what’s going on, we have to look at extreme measures to make sure we don’t have what happened last night happen again,” said Beech Grove Police Chief Michael Maurice.

The bar owner said he plans to talk to his attorney before commenting on the mayor’s request to close.

Regardless of the bar’s future, Beech Grove police admit their city is not immune to violence and just want people held accountable for their actions.

“There’s not some glass wall around Beech Grove to make it different than Broad Ripple or different things,” said Beech Grove Deputy Chief Robert Mercuri. “We are in Indianapolis. It’s a big city problem.”

Police initially believed there may have been a third victim because a bloody shoe was found on a nearby porch behind the business, but no third victim was ever located.

So far, no arrests have been made in connection to the shooting.

Anyone with information can still contact the Beech Grove Police Department.